Beauty Of Bangladesh : Sajek Vally-Rangamati

We always say traveling is a good habit of one’s life. It will make one’s life beautiful.Life solution is a site where you can find the solution and guide lines about the problem that related to the tour. It will help you to make your tour in the traveling spots of Bangladesh and it will guide you and give you the solution that related to the tour. Here you can find the tourist spots, how to go this spots. It will also guide you to find where to stay when you travel this spots, guide you about the transportation system to reach these spots. We believe our information will help you to make a good tour at the traveling place.

Bangladesh has lots of beautiful spots to travel. It has lots of beautiful and important traveling spots. But, we usually want to go abroad for traveling to enjoy the attraction of beauty. Because lots of people of Bangladesh still now not know about the traveling spots of Bangladesh. And if we talking about the foreigners, how could they will know about traveling spots of Bangladesh? Because there is no such a web page that will contain proper description about Bangladesh travel spots. That is why we are here to give the proper and appropriate information about the beautiful traveling spots of Bangladesh

Anyway, in according to our previous post we have been talking about “ALOTILA & GOHA” & RISARNG FALL”. We believe it was helpful to all of you for solution your traveling problems. Such a beautiful palace those were, we believe. Anyway today we will talk about our next project Rangamati which is another traveling place of Bangladesh. Let us know something about Rangamati to travel there.


Rangamati is the main headquarter of Rangamati hill district. Rangamati is the part of Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. It is very important and a capital city of Chittagong Hill Tracts. Rangamati is one of the most important and beautiful traveling places of Bangladesh. The coordinates of Rangamati is 23.0417°N 91.9944°E. Rangamati is one of the most beautiful Hill Tracking traveling spots of Bangladesh. It is also known as “Lake City” of Bangladesh. It is about 77 km far from Chittagong district and near about 302 km distance from Dhaka. 

When you will travel to Rangamati from Chittagong, you can observe the beauty of winding hills and green fields on the way. Rangamati is located on the western bank of the kaptai Lake. Now a day Rangamari has become very important traveling place to the tourist. There are lots of beautiful places in Rangamati to travel. At present time Rangamati has become a favorite holiday destination and one of the most important place for travel to the tourist because of its beautiful landcape, scenic beauty, lake, colorful indigenous group like marma, chakma, khashiya etc, its flora and fauna, indigenous museum and archeology, hanging bridge, home spun textile products of indigenous people, ivory jewelry and the indigenous men and women who fashion them. That is all the beauty of Rangamati. Tourist from different places can enjoy this kind of scenic beauty in Rangamati. The most important traveling places in Rangamati are- Sajek VellyRajban Bihar PagodaPeda Ting TingTribal Cultural MuseumHanging Bridge, Shovolon FallKaptai National ParkRoyal Chakma PalaceRangamati Kaptai LakeFuraman Hill etc. Let us know about theses traveling places of Bangladesh accordingly.

At present time Sajek Valley has become very important traveling zone to the tourist. Let us know something about Sajek Valley first. Sajek Valley is in Rangamati district. It is one of the most important and attractive traveling place of Rangamati and also for Bangladesh. Well then let us see something important facts about “SAJEK VELLY”.

Sajek valley:

The coordinates of Sajek Valley is 23.0417°N 91.9944°E. Sajek Valley is about 7 or 8 hour car distance from Rangamati. It is situated in baghaichori Upojilla on Rangamati district. Sajek Valley is the biggest union of Bangladesh. It has an area of 702 square mails. In the east of Sajek Valley there is Tripura of India, in the west longdu of Rangamati, in the north the mijuram of India, and in the south there is dighinala of Khagrachori. Though it is situated in Rangamati, but it is easy to go Sajek form dighinala of Khagrachori as we said previously. If anyone want to travel to Sajek Valley from Rangamati, then first he or she has to cross Kaptai by boat and then have to walk a lots of way to trael to Sajek Valley. In that case you may enjoy the natural beauty of Bangladesh when you will travel by boat but it will take too much time.

But if anyone wants to travel to Sajek Valley from Khagrachori then, he or she can go by bus. It is about 70 km from Khagrachori district and from dighinala it is about 49 km and from baghaihat it is about 34 km. From Khagrachori, you have to go first dighinala army camp. Then 10 no. baghaihat army and police camp. It is the place from where you have to take the permission to go Sajek Valley. Then you will see Kashalong Bridge. After that you will find tiger tila army post and mashalong bazaar. After crossing those you will reach roloipara village of Sajek. The height of this village is about 1800 fit from the sea level. There is a BGB camp in Sajek Valley. It is the highest BGB camp of Bangladesh. There are also hazachora fall, dighinala hanging bridge and also the forestry area of dighinala. It will take 2 or 3 days to see them all.

How to go:

To travel to Sajek Valley from Dhaka you can use bus or personal car. Bus services: Shemoly, Haif, BRTC etc. BY all these buses you can go both Khagrachoti and Rangamati. From Khagrachori you can take reserve CNG or jeep car from Khagrachori. Rent will be 5000-6000 tk. 15 person can be sited in one jeep. And CNG rent will be 3000 tk. Or you can go first dighinala by bus (rent will be 50 tk per persons ) or by motor bike (rent will be 100 tk per persons). Then from dighinala to Sajek by motor bike (reserve will take tk 1200).

Where to stay:

In Khagrachari there are lots of hotels like: Porjoton motel (rent: A/C 2100, non A/C 1300), Giri thobra (rent: Single room 1200 tk, Double room: 2050 tk, VIP room: 3050tk). There are also hotel ico chori, hotel shoilo shoborno etc.Or you can stay in dighinala. The hotels of dighinala are Dighinala guest house (rent: 300-500tk), Shajahan hotel etc.
Here was all about Sajek Valley. Such a beautiful place it is. Everybody should travel to Sajek Valley for recreation. It will be great joy if you travel this place because it really a beautiful traveling place. It is one of the best places to spend your idle time. Now we will discuss about the place is called Peda Ting Ting. It is another beautiful place of Rangamati and also a most important traveling zone of Bangladesh.

Peda Ting Ting:

Beauty of Bangladesh Sajek valley - Rangamati

The Coordinates of Peda Ting Ting is 23.0417°N 91.9944°E. Peda Ting Ting is kind of tribal word. Peda Ting Ting means Pet Vore Khoua or Vor Pet Khoua in Bangle language and in English it can say eating fully or full stomach. Peda Ting Ting is a very small island of Kaptai Lake. It is a secluded island in the Rangamati Lake. It is a anootehr beautiful tourist resort. It was built exclusively for tourist to eat in captivating surroundings of natural beauty. In here tourist can also stay because they have accommodation for the tourist to stay overnight. In Peda Ting Ting There are only a few numbers of cottages to accommodate overnight visitors, so you have to book the palace in advance if you want to stay here and it is recommended obviously.
Peda Ting Ting is not only a beautiful place but also a very calm and quiet place. Maximum of the traveler choose this island because of its calm and quiet nature. Peda Ting Ting is the best place for relaxing with novels and music. The island gives the tourist a great opportunity to break away completely and forget his or her sorrows. It is also help the tourist to minimize their pain in the friendly and calming island culture. It may be a great solution for the tourist. The restaurant of Peda Ting Ting Island is well known for its best quality dishes and extremely tasty food. Among of all item, Bamboo Chicken is one of their special items, and the interesting part is it is served inside of the bamboo. Moonlit evenings, rare experiences and a calming island breeze await the visitors. All of these beauties create a destination in Bangladesh where visitors are able to relax with good and testy food, beautiful views and natural surroundings.

How to go in Peda Ting Ting:

To go Peda Ting Ting you have to go first Rangamati. From Dhaka there are lots of buses like Shemoly, Hanif, BRTC etc and from Chittagong there are some local busses here. Then you have to use the local transportation to go Peda Ting Ting. We believe it will help you to solution your problems and a great guide lines also.

Where to stay:

One can stay in Peda Ting Ting. It is one of the most beautiful places to spend your idle time. Otherwise there are lots of hotels in Rangamati to stay. It was all about Peda Ting Ting. Peda Ting Ting is really a beautiful place to travel. Lots of the travelers travel every day at this place. Those who want quiet and calm places for recreation we believe Peda Ting Ting is the best place and our information will guide you in right way and help you to solution your problems. Now we will discuss about another beautiful traveling place of Bangladesh and that is Kaptai Lake. It is also in Rangamati district. Let us know something about Kaptai Lake first.

Kaptai Lake:

The coordinates of Kaptai Lake is 22°29′45″N 92°13′45″EKaptai Lake is another beautiful lake that was made by human. This beautiful lake is situated in south-eastern Bangladesh. It is in Kaptai Upazila which is under Rangamati District of Chittagong Division. The Kaptai Lake was made to build Kaptai Dam on the Karnaphuli River. It was the part of the Karnaphuli Hydro-Electric Project. Kaptai Lake is a very big and so deep lake. The average depth of the lake is near about 100 feet or 30 m and the maximum depth of the lake is 490 feet or 150 m.
Beauty of Bangladesh Sajek valley - Rangamati

History of Kaptai Lake:

The construction of beautiful Kpatai Lake was begun in 1956 by the Government of East Pakistan. Kaptai Lake was designed to build hydro-electric plant. For this reason near about 54000 acres or 220 km² area of farmland of Rangamati District went under the project and the Kaptai Lake was build. This hydro-electric project was funded by the United States of America. It took very long time to finish the Kaptai Lake project. The project was finished in 1962 and that means it takes near about 6 years to complete the project. International Engineering Company and Utah International Inc. were two companies who received the contract for construction of the Kaptai Lake dam. The dam is near about 670.8 meters long, and near about 54.7 meters high. The beautiful Kaptai Lake dam has a 745 feet or 227 meter long spillway. There are 16 gates in this spillway. Near about 5,250,000 cu ft per second or 149,000 meter cube per second of water can pass by each spillway. 
The total land that went under water to build the Kaptai Lake dam was near about 40% of the total agricultural land in the area. Along with that, near about 29 square miles or 75 square km of the Government-owned forest went to under water, and also near about 234 square miles 610 square km of other forest land went under water. About 18,000 families with a total of almost 100 thousand people were also displaced from that place. The palace of the king of the Chakma was also flooded and it is now under water too.

How to go in Kaptai Lake: 

To go Kaptai Lake you have to go first Rangamati. Then from Rangamati you can to Kaptai Lake by local transportation. From Dhaka there are lots of buses like Shemoly, Hanif, BRTC etc and from Chittagong there are some local busses here. 

You can stay in Rangamati. There are lots of hotels is Rangamati like Hotel Green castle, Hotel Sufia etc. 

Well, today we have tried to give you total information about Rangamati. We have discussed about Shaje Valley, Peda Ting Ting, Kaptai Lake also. Such a beautiful place these are. Now days it comes as an important and most attractive travel spot to the tourist. We believe our information, that we have described in details (as possible as we can do) will guide you to make a good tour in there and also give you a good solution about the problems. To make tour in different spots will make your life happy. To make tour at one place will help you to make a beautiful life. It will guide you life in good direction and give you the solution of your problems. That’s why it is a helpful fact to your life.
Anyway that’s obviously not the last about Rangamati or about the beauty of Bangladesh. In our next post we will be taking about some new places of Rangamati like as Rajban Bihar PagodaTribal Cultural MuseumHanging BridgeShovolon Fall etc and also about Chittagong. And we wish & also believe you will be continuing with us to know more about the beautiful Khagrachori and the beauty of Rangamati and obviously about the beautiful traveling places of Bangladesh.
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