Some Notable Fruits of Bangladesh

Some Notable Fruits of Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Tasty Fruits. The soil and climate of Bangladesh are highly suitable for growing various kinds of fruits. Some notable fruits of Bangladesh:

Jackfruit: The Jackfruit is the largest of all fruits. It is Bangladeshi National fruit. It is found during the summer. It has a rough and prickly skin. Inside the skin the fruits are found to be composed of many flakes. It’s very juicy and testy.

Mango: The Mango is most popular fruits in Bangladesh. It is called the king of fruits. It grows all over the place of Bangladesh.  But the mangoes of Rajshahi and Dinajpur are the best. They are famous for their sweetness, flavor and taste.

Orange: The Orange is another delicious and nutritious fruit. It is available in winter. It is round shape. It gives delicious juice. The best orange grows at Chhatak in Shyllet.

Pineapple: The pineapple is the nest delicious and juicy fruits pf our country. Its skin is also rough and prickly. The best kind of it grows in Srimangal and Madahubpur of Bangladesh.

Banana: The banana is the most common fruit of Bangladesh. Everybody likes its for its softness and taste. It has different verities. Among them the Sabri and the Sagar are the best. It is available in all season.

Coconut: the coconut is another well-known fruit in Bangladesh. It grows mainly in coastal area. The milk of the green coconut is refreshing and highly useful for bowel trouble, the kernel inside it is a nutritious food and a source of oil.
Other fruits: There are many other fruits such as black berries, plums, wood apples, guavas, lichis, papayas, water melons, dates, etc. which are also very well known and popular in Bangladesh. Besides these, there are some fruits, which taste sour. Of these lemons, star apple, batabi, kamranga, amra, tamarind is notable.
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